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The term which will’discuss here is SSC Result 2017. Secondary School Certificate or SSC examination is one of the most important public examinations of Bangladesh. Also, in Madrasah board, the equivalent examination is named as Dakhil Examination. The students passed in SSC or Dakhil Examination will be awarded secondary school certificate which will let them be admitted in Colleges or equivalent institutions in 2017. Here we also describe how to get SSC result 2017 bd.

SSC/Dakhil Examination 2017

In 2017, in total there will be many examines from many institutions will participate in SSC /Dakhil examination. 8 Education boards will hold the examination in more than 3000 examination centers all over the country. Also, apart from regional education board, Madrasha board and the vocational board will also organize the examination. Among the examiners, about 34,313 will be male participants and 7, 05,675 female participants to attend the SSC/ Dakhil examination.

Subjects & Syllabus of SSC Examination 2017

The SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent examination in 2017 will be held at the standard syllabus and marks distribution. The question and curriculum will be Creative and the syllabus will be according to the latest edition of the books provided by the government.

There are several major fields of study in secondary education curricula in Bangladesh. Here are the combined list of subjects on which the SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent exams will be held-

  • Bangla (compulsory) 1st paper/Easy Bangla 1st Paper/Bangla language and Culture 1st paper
  • Bangla (compulsory) 2nd paper/Easy Bangla 2nd Paper/Bangla language and Culture 2nd paper
  • English(compulsory) 1st
  • English(compulsory) 2nd paper.
  • Islam and Religious Study/ Hinduism and Religious Study/ Buddhism and Religious Study/ Christians and Religious Study
  • Physics 1st Paper/Bangladesh History and World Civilization/History/Finance & Banking/Business Studies
  • Geography and Environment/Geography/Business Geography
  • Chemistry/Civics & Citizenship/Civics/Business Approach
  • Mathematics
  • Biology/Economics
  • General Science/Science/Higher Mathematics
  • Bangladesh and Global Studies/Social Science
  • Accounting
  • Physical Studies and Sports
  • Bangle Language and Literature/ English Language and Literature/Home Economics/Agriculture/Music Studies
  • Arabic/Sanskrit/Pali/Vocational Studies/Computer Studies/Basic Trade.
SSC Result 2017 BD

SSC Result 2017

SSC result 2017The SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent examination will start on 1st February of 2017. The examination period including the practical part will take approximately 2 months. The SSC result 2017 BD will be announced and published approximately after two months since the last examination date.
There are several ways of collecting the results in details. Let’s discuss the methods now-

Method 1: SSC Examination Result 2017 via Education Board Website

After the result have been published, you can access the result directly from the official website for results of public examinations arranged by Bangladesh Government. The website address is You have to provide the board; examination type (SSC/Dakhil/Vocational etc) with the roll number of the examiner and you can get the details results.

Method 2: SSC Examination Results via Mobile SMS

You can easily get the result of the SSC/Dakhil/equivalent examination result via mobile SMS from TeleTalk mobile operator SIM. Go to the message option and type-
SSC/Alim <space> First three letters of your Board name <space> Roll no <space>2017 and send to 16222
For Example: SSC<Space>DHA<Space>153660<Space>2017 send to 16222

All you have to know is the board name and roll name of the examine. To find the code of board name, see the following list below-

Bangladesh Education Board Code Name

DHA = Dhaka Board | BAR = Barisal Board | SYL = Sylhet Board | COM = Comilla Board | CHI= Chittagong Board | RAJ = Rajshahi Board | JES = Jessore   Board | DIN = Dinajpur Board | MAD = Madrasah Board

Get SSC result 2017 from Education Board and Website
The official notices, updates, and other news will come first at the official website of the Education Board of Bangladesh education ministry. You can visit for visiting the official a=site and explore by yourself. Also, the education board has got another website for the results of different public examinations only. is the official website for public examination results.

Also, to visit individual board websites for more specific ion about regional details of SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent examination-
  • Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017
  • Barisal Board SSC Result 2017
  • Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2017
  • Chittagong Board SSC Result 2017
  • Jessore Board SSC Result 2017
  • Sylhet Board SSC Result 2017
  • Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2017
  • Dakhil  Board SSC Result 2017

SSC Examination 2017 Routine Bangladesh

Here we’re not just talking about SSC Result 2017 BD, here you also get the exam routine of SSC along with Secondary School Certificate result 2017. The education system in Bangladesh is based on 4 Public examinations at School. College level and one of the most important examinations is Secondary school certificate (SSC). For regional and national curriculum, the name of the examination is SSC, and for Madrasah board, this examination is called Dakhil. After SSC/Dakhiul, the students will be certified and eligible to get them admitted into colleges for higher secondary School Certificate course of two years.

SSC Examination 2017 All Education Board

The secondary school certificate (SSC), Dakhil (for madrassah board) or equivalent examination will be held on 1st February 2017. The examination date of last year was 2md February, but this year to maintain the time with World Ijtema- A religious program of Muslin worldwide, the routine had been re-scheduled to 1st February 2017. According to the announcement of Md. Nurul Islam Nahid, Minister of Education, Ministry of Education of Bangladesh, the SSC examination will take approximately a time period of two months (including the practical examinations) and end up on 10th March of 2017.
The number of participants of this year is 1,432,727 and the number of male and students is 34,313 and the number of female students will be 7, 05, 675. 8 education boards along with the Madrasah and Vocational board will arrange the examination process at more than 3000 examination venues (centers). The equivalent examination is Dakhil School Certificate and Vocational Education Certificate for Secondary Curriculum (arranged by the vocational board).

SSC Examination 2017 Routine For All Board

The official announcement and publication of routine for SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent examination had been made months ago. Here are the descriptive details of the Routine. Also, you can find the PDF format of the routine for SSC/ Dakhil/Equivalent courses as Image and PDF versions.
Let’s take a look at the routine of SSC examination 2017-

Best Tips for SSC Examination 2017 Preparation

For now, you shouldn’t think much more about SSC result 2017. If you’re reading this article before or during the exam period then grab your attention to our next part of this article. SSC and equivalent Examination 2017 is almost knocking at the door for the students of class 10. So, this is the high time you develop your own strategy of studying and the 11th-hour preparation. In Bangladesh, the SSC and HSC examinations are the most important board examinations for a boy or a girl. These examinations decide in which way you will build your career in future. If you get a good GPA in these examinations, it will be easier for you to get admission in any good educational institution for the higher studies. Nowadays, golden A+ (Minimum 80 marks in all subjects) is a must for getting admission in any renowned educational institution. Most of the students in Bangladesh can’t obtain A+ in all of the subjects from all of the fields of Study (science, arts, Humanities, Madrasah & Vocational). So, they must concentrate on these subjects to do better in the SSC and HSC exam.
Here in this article, I’ve represented some exclusive tips for SSC 2017 examines to guide them towards success in the battle. Here you go-

Basic Examination Tips for SSC Examination 2017

  • Prepare yourself mentally for the biggest public examination you are going to appear in within a few days. Don’t be tensed, take the challenge!
  • Be clear about the basic concepts, because of the play the main role in answering creative questions.
  • Take care of yourself. Maintain regular food intake, proper sleep, and healthy lifestyle. Don’t put pressure on your body.
  • Go through the syllabus regularly and follow the instructions and question pattern carefully.
  • Get to know about the marks distributions and emphasize on particular parts accordingly.

  • Attain a maximum level of writing speed and accuracy throughout regular practice and brainstorm.
  • Don’t start learning completely newer topics immediately before the examination. Believe me, they won’t last longer. Concentrate on the older topics instead.

Make A Time Management Plan

Making a perfect time table and managing the timeline accordingly is the very first condition of best preparation strategy for SSC examination 2017. Morning is the best time to study and to concentrate on the tougher parts of any subject. So, if you think you are especially weak in any subject, a study that every morning after waking up from sleep. Also, ensure proper distribution of time and importance of every subject.

English is one of the toughest subjects in which most of our students are weak in. A habit of speaking English regularly can overcome the problems in creative writing in English. Don’t worry if you don’t have a perfect accent or proper grammatical knowledge.

Apart from speaking; writing English on random topics can help a lot to find out your weakest part in English grammar and vocabulary and sentence structure.

Drill your mind and mentality to find out the weakest part of your preparation and work on that continuously. Better confidence and determined attitude will not only help in your exam preparation but also will create a good chance of overcoming a future challenge, as SSC is the entrance of practical and professional world.

Make Your Combined Suggestion

In the market, you will find different suggestion papers of different publications. Also, teachers and tutors also provide their own suggestion paper before the examination. Don’t rely on any particular suggestion paper, because no one is completely sure on what is important for the examination. So, combine all of the suggestions available to you right now and prepare a combined version of all of them were the most important, medium important and less important questions will take place.
Read English Literature, Novel, Newspaper & Magazines
As SSC examination curriculum contain 200 marks on English without any practical part, the best strategy to develop your English vocabulary is to go through English literature, Novel, Magazines and Articles regularly, That would open the door of creative writing and the sentence creating skill as well.

Prepare Your Own Notes

You have all of the textbooks, lectures and guide books right now at our hand. It’s pretty confirmed that you are not going to study them all with equal importance. So, the best way to develop a strategy of studying is to prepare your own notes all by yourself. Another point that needs to be made clear, Note isn’t something where you have all of the answers written manually. Rather, it’s a strategy by which you will know that which part of every chapter is best described in textbooks/ guides/ lecture notes etc.

Study Previous Year Questions

This used to be a very important part of preparation for SSC examines in the earlier years, as there was a rule that implies previous year questions to be similar to the upcoming year SSC questions. But, as long as the creative curriculum of SSC is concerned, this won’t work anymore to find exactly common matches in the examination questions. But, still, that helps a lot to understand the pattern of questions and style of marking of questions.

How will feel after getting SSC result 2017 BD?

It sounds most interesting part of this article, doesn’t it? Feel, you get your result as expected !! wow !! how happy you are! Actually, the feelings can’t be expressive.

Again feel, your result is much batter then you expectation !! hurr Ra AAAA !!! you might be jumping like a crazy guy.

But think, your result is not so good as you expected. photo !! It will really hurt you and make you heavy cry. This thing happened to me at the day of SSC result 2008.

Best wishes For you

We always wish best for all of the exam participant. we hope that the date of SSC result 2017 will be a very memorable day at the sense of happiness. wish you best luck.


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